2nd Leeds OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

Welcome! So you want to know about 2nd Leeds OpenStreetMap Mapping Party, huh? Here’s a few details.


2nd Leeds OpenStreetMap Mapping Party: OpenStreetMap Mapping party, as part of the BarCamp Leeds weekend of cool stuff. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Leeds#Events

We’ll be mapping the unmapped streets and putting them on the openstreetmap map! If the weather’s bad, we can go to the library and copy some out of copyright maps, and add them in from those!

Read up about the Previous Leeds Mapping Party

Sunday lunch should be provided, also.

BarCamp Leeds attendees are more than welcome! And they can even map during Saturday too!

We’re also proud to be sponsored by the good guys at: CloudMade.com!


17th August 2008 (but you can do some mapping on the Saturday too!) Meet at 10:30, for coffee and wake up, orientation and introduction and then go out and map. Meet back for lunch time, upload and edit, and head out for the afternoon. Meet back in the afternoon, do editing, and drink beer! Its a party afterall!


Old Broadcasting House, Leeds & the unmapped streets of Leeds. Lovely place. Link to the venue on the osm map! And on CloudMade’s map too

Sign Up!

There are 38 tickets left! We just need to know if you want to come, so we know how much food to get, how many helpers are needed, etc.

Book your place now!. You know you want to.

If you have any queries, please contact Tim Waters on tim@geothings.net or in irc oftc.net #osm chippy

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